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You're invited to join us in regenerating the water cycle of our planet.

We are activating a global network of watershed communities and water practitioners. By working to infiltrate rainwater into the landscape we help lessen water scarcity, reduce excessive heat, and interrupt the cycle of drought, fire, and flood.

we can do this . . . and we must.

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scientific papers

There is a lot of science behind the new water paradigm, though it is scattered across many sub-disciplines of climate science and ecology. Together with others such as yourself, we hope to create a map of this knowledge and codify it into a set of water principles. To begin this endeavor we offer the extensive database you'll find below of over 300 papers spanning around 30 categories.

Intro to the New Water Paradigm

Water for an integrative climate paradigm.Juraj Kohutiar, Michal Kravcik.International Journal of Water, 2010; 5 (4): 298 DOI: 10.1504/IJW.2010.038725
New water paradigm: Water for the recovery of the climateM. Kravčík, J. Pokorný, J. Kohutiar, M. Kováč, E. Tó PDF
The new water paradigm: in a nutshellJudith
Does moisture feedback affect rainfall significantly?Savenije, Hubert HG[Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 20, no. 5-6 (1995): 507-513](

Small Water Cycle, Moisture Recycling: Evapotranspiration Affects Rain

*Water vapor travels 500-2000km in tropics before it becomes rain again in moisture recycling. It travels 3000-5000km in temperate regions, and 7000 km in desert regions. Time of recycling is 3 to 20 days, except in deserts where it is much longer.

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Image: A beautiful rain garden at Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School in St. Louis, Missouri by James Tiffin Jr. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)